Available courses

Solving Problems with Bar Models

This course will provide participants with a foundation for teaching with the Singapore Math model method, otherwise known as bar models. This course begins with a short review of the background behind the Singapore Math Approach, as well as the model method. Different problem types are explored, and the corresponding bar model for each is examined. The instructor demonstrates the process of drawing the bar models through live action videos. Student work includes discussion of the problems, as well as submissions of drawings of bar models. The instructor gives feedback on the drawings for the purpose of refinement.

Introduction to Singapore Math, K-5

This course will provide participants with the foundation for understanding and implementing Singapore based math programs such as Primary Mathematics, Math in Focus, and Eureka Math in Kindergarten through sixth grades. This course will introduce participants to the theoretical framework and constructivist pedagogy of the Singapore based mathematics programs. The course provides an overview of establishing Singapore Math PLC’s,  CPA-based instruction, drawing of bar models, and lesson planning using a Singapore text.